Offentlige arrangementer – Københavns Universitet

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Offentlige arrangementer

Kalenderen viser et udvalg af offentlige arrangementer på Københavns Universitet et halvt år frem. Du kan finde flere arrangementer på fakulteternes hjemmesider (se links i højre side). Abonnér på KU kalenderen 

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  • 1. juli - 24. september 2017

    Moving Plants

    Moving Plants is an exhibition that centres on plants as a focal point for making local and global connections between aesthetic engagements with ecological issues and practices of concern
      » Læs mere

  • 24. august - 27. august 2017

    Germanic Society of Forensic Linguistics' fifth annual conference

    The GSFL's fifth annual conference will be held at University of Copenhagen August 2017. » Læs mere

  • 25. august - 29. august 2017

    Biophysical Society Meeting

    Structural biology increasingly relies on combining information from multiple sources of experimental data with ever-improving computational models. This meeting aims to bring together scientists from across disciplines to advance integrative structural biology into the "dynamic age." The program will consist of a mix of computation, theory, and a broad range of methods in experimental structural biology, focusing on methods and applications for studying the structural dynamics of biomolecules by integrating experiments and simulations. » Læs mere