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Offentlige arrangementer

Kalenderen viser et udvalg af offentlige arrangementer på Københavns Universitet et halvt år frem. Du kan finde flere arrangementer på fakulteternes hjemmesider (se links i højre side). Abonnér på KU kalenderen 

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  • 19. november - 21. november 2018

    This course is canceled. Ubiquitin and Ubiquitin-like modifiers

    This course is canceled
    Aim and content

    This course is free of charge for PhD students at Danish universities (except Copenhagen Business School). All other participants must pay the course fee.
    Anyone can apply for the course, but if you are not a PhD student, you will be placed on the waiting list for the course until enrollment deadline. After the deadline of enrollment, available seats will be allocated to students on the waiting list.
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  • 20. november 2018, kl. 11:00-12:00

    Sergi Soler Ezquerra

    Master´s thesis title: Does ICT have an impact on Democracy development? A Cross-Country Analysis Supervisor: Pablo Selaya Censor: Kaj Kjærsgård » Læs mere

  • 20. november 2018, kl. 13:15-16:15

    Phd defence: Ditte Nørbo Sørensen

    Causal proportional hazards estimation in the presence of an instrumental variable

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  • 20. november 2018, kl. 14:15-16:00

    Hvorfor er naturvidenskab så svært, og hvad kan vi gøre ved det?

    INDsigt  ved Lasse Seidelin Bendtsen, Lektor i fysik og astronomi på Borupgaard Gymnasium » Læs mere

  • 20. november 2018, kl. 15:00-16:15

    The Good, the Bad and the Anthropocene

    Sustainability Science Centre invites you to a sustainability lecture with Andrew Revkin on 20 November 2018.

    Andrew Revkin, a prize-winning journalist and author who helped coin the term Anthropocene and has reported on humanity's growing pains for more than 30 years, will in this lecture describe his learning journey, from the Amazon to the North Pole to the Vatican. He offers a prescription that is both unnerving and hopeful.

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  • 20. november 2018, kl. 18:30-20:30

    UNF foredrag: Bitcoin - hvordan fungerer det?

    Til dette UNF-foredrag vil professor Fritz Henglein tale om Bitcoins, beskrive hvordan de digitale penge fungerer og skitsere nyere alternativer til Bitcoins.  » Læs mere