Offentlige arrangementer – Københavns Universitet

Offentlige arrangementer

Kalenderen viser et udvalg af offentlige arrangementer på Københavns Universitet et halvt år frem. Du kan finde flere arrangementer på fakulteternes hjemmesider (se links i højre side). Abonnér på KU kalenderen 

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  • 7. september - 8. september 2018

    Computers, Language, and Law: Spotlight on Blind Spots

    The First ILLA Focus Workshop in Copenhagen, September 2018. » Læs mere

  • 7. september 2018, kl. 08:45-17:30

    CeBIL annual symposium: Precision Medicine, Artificial Intelligence and the Law

    This one-day symposium, co-hosted by CeBIL and the Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences (LML) at the University of Cambridge, aims to tackle some of the challenging issues raised by black-box precision medicine, particularly for legal and regulatory frameworks. Black-box precision medicine is an exciting new frontier in health care diagnostics, harnessing the power of big data and artificial intelligence to examine newly available troves of health data, including genomic sequences, patient clinical care records, and the results of diagnostic tests. » Læs mere

  • 7. september 2018, kl. 13:00-14:00

    Giancarlo de Pasquale

    Master´s thesis title: Is the institution of an international carbon market a cost-effective solution to meet the Paris Agreements? Learning from the experience of the European Emission Trading Scheme Supervisor: Peter Birch Sørensen Censor: Søren Bjerregaard » Læs mere