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Lunch Seminar at iCourts

Towards the Next Level of Legal Integration in Europe: Establishing a European Patent Court System

The European Council recently reached a historic agreement which may - after decades of negotiations - lead to the establishment of a new sui generis European patent court system with exclusive jurisdiction in respect to the infringement and validity of European and EU patents.

It will act upon its own rules of procedure and rules on evidence, and it will have the power inter alia to order a party to produce or preserve evidence, to inspect property, to issue freezing orders, to grant provisional and protective measures as well as the power to grant permanent injunctions and to order an award of damages, corrective measures, communication of information and payment of legal costs. Decisions of these courts will be directly enforceable in any contracting state without the need for a declaration of enforceability.

Such a system of European courts which are (almost) completely detached from the domestic court systems and with panels of multi-national judges will bring European legal integration beyond anything known today in the European legal system.

Professor Jens Schovsbo and Associate Professor Clement Salung Petersen from the Centre for Information and Innovation Law (CIIR), Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, will present the key features of this envisaged European court system and give some thoughts about how it may affect (patent) law in Europe.


For participation in the event please use this registration form (closed) no later than January 9, 2013 24:00.

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